My sunny chicken :-)

8 Feb

Morning glory 🙂 Best describing my morning 🙂 No train, rude chav or amount of crowds could put me in a bad mood this morning. My reason? Sunshine! Yes, sunshine can do that to a person, especially if you have not seen it for ages or felt it on your face. To me, the sun has a smell, similar to the lovely scent of blossoms in summer air. This makes me a child of the sun 🙂 Surely you can understand when for months you wake up in the dark, go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and add freezing temperatures to this = eating prozac like smarties! So this morning I had a spring in my step, smile on my face and a brave attitude to wear a dress in this weather! ( the sun might be shining, but it is definitely not warm!). So, when I came home, I had a look in the fridge to see if I had anything bright and summery to make ( of course it had to be a warm dish, not summer yet!) So I decided I would make a malt vinegar chicken with leeks, butterbeans, orange pepper, green beans and paprika. My hubby instantly fell in love with butterbeans at first bite! We have never looked back ;-p  It took me a while to get him to try new food and flavours. Now he really eats anything I put on the table for him! So if he likes it, I am sure everyone else will!

My sunny chicken

1 pack of chicken (drumsticks and thighs,skin on)

1 teaspoon of crushed garlic


olive oil

Salt & black pepper

Malt vinegar or red/white wine vinegar

1 leek / onion roughly chopped

2 handfulls of green beans

1 can of butterbeans

dried garlic flakes


1 red/orange/yellow pepper roughly chopped

mixed herbs

1 cup of cous cous

2 cups of boiling water

1 roasted pepper

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celcius. Heat a casserole dish (one that can go in the oven and handle stovetop). Drizzle the pan with your olive oil and garlic. Add your leeks/onion to the pan. Fry for about 5 minutes. Add the butter beans and sprinkle with mixed herbs. Mix it around so that the herbs are thoroughly mixed.

Add the chicken to your casserole dish and season with salt and black pepper and sprinkle with the cumin. Mix through.  Add the green beans and the chopped pepper to the dish. Now drizzle generously with your vinegar. Finally drizzle with a teaspoon of olive oil and grind your garlic flakes over the chicken and sprinkle over some paprika. Remember, paprika isn’t really spicy, it just has a smoky taste. Before you put this in the oven, make sure the chicken is on top of the leeks,butter beans etc. Cover with a lid and put it in the oven for 25 minutes. Now after 25 minutes, remove the lid so that the chicken’s skin can become crispy. Cook for another 20 minutes. While this is cooking, make some cous cous and use scissors to cut in some roasted red pepper. Take one cup of cous cous and place it in a bowl. Season with a pinch of salt. Add the roasted pepper. Add two cups of boiling water and cover with lid. Allow it to stand for 10 minutes. The cous cous will soak up the water and swell out. Now seperate and mix through with a fork. This will be lovely and fluffy!! Enjoy!


One Response to “My sunny chicken :-)”

  1. conradsword February 9, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    I think you should copyright these recipes and write a book with stories and recipes mixed together, people love that sort of thing, and you can become a millionaire with your own TV show, buy an island for you and one for me and we will all live happily ever after ^-^


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