snake bite celebration with a bagel snack :-)

11 Mar

I know, it sounds bizarre!! However, after sitting at work and biting my nails off with no intent of trying to look ladylike anymore, I recieved a phonecall that made me forget that I even wanted nails!! The landlord of our little dream house  accepted our offer out of the blue!! Happiness!!!!! So I am beaming with joy and want to share with everyone that we now have a beautiful house with a stunning garden ( herb garden to follow soon!). I felt like I went on a first date again with my hubby!!

I waited for him in the courtyard in one of our favourite pubs, The Wandle, in Earlsfield and celebrated with a few beers and snakebites!! We are happy!! I also have to add that I have the BEST hubby in the whole wide world, because he always spoils me and he does his best to give me everything my heart desires!! So today’s blog is dedicated to him. As Julia Child‘s husband said – ” You are the butter on my bread and the air in my lungs” … or something like that. You get the picture ;-p He is my sun! So, sorry to all the ladies out there, this beautiful, handsome man is mine!!

After having a GREAT time, we came home and my hubby wanted to watch his favourite movie, Spy Game. While he started watching, I made him a little bagel snack. It sounds plain, but oh, how he enjoyed it! And in his words – ” Say hello to my little friend” – My sandwich press. You can make anything – it always tastes delicious with that sandwich press. So, no more chit chat, here is the plain and simple recipe:

1 bagel

butter to spread

2 slices of Salami chopped in pieces to fit on the bagel

6 small slices of green figs ( the favourite that my mom sent me)

6 slices of Camembert cheese

All you do now is halve your bagel and spread with butter. Top with your camembert cheese first, add your green fig slices and on top of it all, add your salami. Now put in the sandwich press for 7 minutes until the cheese has melted and enjoy!!  Very simple, but like the hubby’s favourite saying – “beauuuuuuuuutiful”!


2 Responses to “snake bite celebration with a bagel snack :-)”

  1. conradsword March 12, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    haha! beauuuuuuuuutiful!



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    […] snake bite celebration with a bagel snack […]


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