Quinoa accommodating a colonel

21 Sep

If you are like the hubby and seriously getting back into gym, crumbed chicken from Tesco might not be the healthiest, non-fat protein that you can have, but if it is the only thing you can find in the freezer, due to thinking that you still had it fully stocked, it will have to do. However, if you add the “wonderfully tasty” (in my sarcastic voice) quinoa, you’ll be happy there is something like crumbed chicken pieces to make your tummy feel better!

I read the following somewhere: “Legend has it that the Incan armies frequently marched for days at a time eating a mixture of quinoa and fat known as “war balls,” and at planting time tradition demanded that the Incan leader would plant the first quinoa seed using a gold shovel. Now THAT is my reason for adding a bit of chicken, Colonel Saunders’ –style! ;-p  “Fat” & quinoa. This is also why quinoa is known as power food, but like the hubby says, most of the time when you have a high protein, low fat grain that is healthy for you, it will taste worse than any food Oliver Twist was probably given. ;-p  Why do you think thin people are so unhappy? It is because they never enjoy one of the simplest things in life – wonderful, indulging food!!

I’m going to be honest, my first attempt to make quinoa was not the best. However, I only make a cooking mistake once when it comes to cooking with a new ingredient and then I know exactly how to make it on the second try. So watch this space, more quinoa recipes coming soon! This post today was a pantry improvisation.

For some reason, I just thought we had a whole lot of spices, tuna and bacon in the house. As long as I have these, I can always whip something up, but, surprise, surprise, this was not the  case for me. My mind was probably wandering somewhere in Paris’ food square, because there was almost nothing in our cupboards or fridge, or freezer!!! Bad wife!

Oh, let’s just get on with it.

Quinoa with crumbed chicken en veggie stir fry


1 carrot, peeled into pieces with a potato peeler

Handful of mushrooms roughly chopped

1 spring onion- finely chopped

1 teaspoon of  crushed garlic

1 pack of spring onion Chinese sauce (Ultimate sin no 3)

1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

Salt & pepper to taste

½ aubergine, salted and cut into small-medium squares

1 handful of shredded lettuce, iceberg lettuce, yes, this is not a mistake

1 pack of crumbed chicken fillets

Quinoa – cooked following the pack instructions


Preheat your oven as per your chicken fillet instructions. Mine was 220 C from frozen and to be cooked for 12-13 minutes.

Now, heat your frying pan and add the oil, garlic and spring onions. Fry for about 5 minutes and add your mushrooms.

Fry these for 5 minutes and add your aubergine & carrot. Add your lettuce. Fry for 8-10 minutes or until your veggies are soft, but still firm.

Now, add your Chinese sauce, mix through so that all the veggies are covered and allow to simmer  for 8 minutes. Season with salt & pepper according to taste.

Now, dish up your quinoa, add your stir fry on top of that and top off with your chicken. And……NO. No “sound effects” words today…. like I said, my quinoa was not a wonderful success …..


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